planting for the future

Uniting Companies, Customers, and Nature for a Greener World!

plant to unite

We bring sustainability within reach for everyone. Helping companies engage their communities to plant trees and empower impactful actions

Join us in making a difference, one tree at a time.

why planting trees?

Trees for air quality

from 1990 to 2007 global forests removed about 1/3 of all fossil fuel emissions annually


Forests clean our drinking water and protect us from floods and landslides


Forests are home for 80% of all animal and plant species


Trees are the most effective carbon capture machines available - Plant with us and empower the impact that forests are already having

Have an impact we take care of the rest

GreenDeal is the most reliable climate positive project operating in one of the most well regulated forestry markets – Estonia. We can help you act locally but drive change globally. All your trees will be planted in Europe. Just tell us and we will:

  • Buy land for your forest
  • Mineralise and prepare to maximise the quality
  • Organise the planting
  • Report yearly to keep you informed and make it easy to communicate your impact
  • Make a real impact – We take care of the forest throughout its whole lifetime
  • Boost your green branding – We create a dedicated landing page for you to engage your followers

Book a call and lets discuss the tailor made solution for you

What you get?

  • Actual impact without any BS
  • Platform for Green marketing
  • Loyal customers
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased employee retention
  • Superior application for investments, loans and grants

transparent reporting today, tomorrow, a 100 years from now

We have worked with numerous universities and top scientists to bring you the best possible carbon reporting available. You will have information on every step of the project and yearly impact reports that you can publish for your community.


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